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The Palatine Families of Ireland


    • Soft cover, 190 pages, illustrations, maps, indexed
    • ISBN 0-929539-09-5
    • $39.95 + $2.50 postage and handling
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A genealogical study of the German families settled by the British government in Ireland in 1709.

Well worth having by all genealogists with Palatine ancestry or whose interests touch upon the information it contains. The research costs thus saved will far outweigh the nominal cost of this book.

--The National Genealogical Society Quarterly

This book provides an excellent history of the whole migration, documentation of 172 different surnames, and the German ancestry of 33 families.

--The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine

Rarely does one find such a definitive study in print. Seldom can we be sure that the research is of a quality to be trusted. Here we have both.

--Der Kurler of the Mid-Atlantic Genealogical Society

This is a companion volume to The Palatine Families of New York-1710, and becomes another essential resource for Palatine genealogy.

--The New York Genealogical & Biographical Record

...A great help...valuable...very useful...

--Genealogists' Magazine (London)

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