Henry Z ("Hank") Jones, Jr.

Fellow, American Society of Genealogists

More Psychic Roots: Further Adventures in Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy


    • Paperback, 274 pages, indexed
    • ISBN 0-8063-1524-5
    • $18.95 + $3.00 postage and handling
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The long-awaited sequel to PSYCHIC ROOTS - the groundbreaking work used by NBC-TV for an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries". Like the original volume, MORE PSYCHIC ROOTS contains a collection of stories and experiences contributed by genealogists the world over - hobbyists as well as professionals. Thus in these pages we have the insights of 200 ancestor hunters from such countries as Canada, Mexico, Germany, England, Australia, and, of course, the U.S.A. - all of whom discuss their experiences in light of synchronicity, intuition, genetic memory, and serendipity. If you liked the first volume, you will positively delight in this sequel, which is guaranteed to enliven the debate about serendipity and intuition in genealogy.

"I guarantee you goose-bumps and spine-tingles as you curl up to read and ponder (these stories) on the next rainy night!"

--Pal-Am Patter

"A fascinating study ... most enjoyable reading!"

--CompuServe's Genealogy Forum

"We highly recommend this book to you!"

--Bluegrass Roots

"A very interesting and readable book that any good genealogist would enjoy reading. A wonderful gift for that genealogist friend's birthday or holiday!"

--The Pilgrim News-Letter

"This is a good read!"

--The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine

"This is MY kind of book. I hope it will be yours too!"

--Family Tree Magazine

"So run, do not walk, to get your copy of MORE PSYCHIC ROOTS. You'll love it."

--FGS Forum

"For those who have been heard to say, 'I'm having a Hank Jones moment,' he has even added a new phrase to our genealogical vocabulary."

--The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine

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