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More Palatine Families


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Some immigrants to the middle colonies from 1717-1776,  and their European origins.
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New discoveries on German families who arrived in colonial New York in 1710. This book is the companion volume to The Palatine Families of New York in 1710. Long buried emigration materials found in Germany give ancestral origins of hundreds of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania colonists.

"...Earns (Hank Jones) a major place in American scholarship even if he never writes another book..."

--Der Reggeboge, Journal of Pennsylvania German Society

"The dedication and degree of thoroughness which Hank Jones displays in each of his books are standards which all researchers might hope to achieve..."

--The Palatine Immigrant

"Highly recommended to all..."

--The New York Genealogical & Biographical Record

"All libraries with genealogical collections should have this book...."

--Genealogical Journal

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