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Memories - The "Show-Biz" Part Of My Life

Memories - The 'Show-Biz' Part Of My Life

    • Read About Hank's "Other" Life Apart From Genealogy
    • Being Featured In 8 Walt Disney Films Including :
      "Blackbeard's Ghost," "Herbie Rides Again,"
      "The Cat From Outer Space," and "The Shaggy D.A."
    • Appearing often on Classic TV Shows like
      "My Three Sons," "Love American-Style,""Mork & Mindy,"
      "The Jeffersons," "The Patty Duke Show," "Mod Squad,"
      "Family Affair," "Emergency," & "Petticoat Junction"
      They All Here And Many More!
    • Working With & Knowing Legendary Stars Such As
      Bob Hope, Patsy Cline, Robin Williams, Walter Brennan,
      Fred MacMurrary, Minnie Pearl, Tennessee Ernie Ford,
      Henry Fonda, Stan Laurel, Ringo Starr, & Elvis Presley
    • What It Was REALLY like - The Stories BEHIND The Scenes
    • Softcover, 251 pages

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